A successful board meeting will improve decision-making and efficiency improve the ability to manage time and collaborate and help bring companies closer to their objectives. To conduct a successful meeting, you’ll need an exciting agenda and the appropriate boardbook template and clear governance procedures.

Set clear goals for meetings and share them with members ahead of time. This will help everyone prepare and prioritize the topics for discussion. Meetings that are too long or ineffective can be avoided. Concentrate on the issues rather than updates and ensure meetings don’t exceed 30 minutes for each issue This will help ensure that discussions are productive and reduce fatigue during meetings.

Make clear how decisions will be taken during the meeting, such as the possibility of voting by consensus or a different method. Encourage an open dialogue, accepting different viewpoints. However, be honest about difficult subjects and bad news. If a formal procedure for voting is required, make sure the procedure is clearly defined and that a certain number of votes is required to reach a decision. The minutes of the meeting can precisely document the results of the vote to allow for accountability and follow-up.

Following the meeting, summarize all the decisions that were made and develop a list of actions items that the chief https://www.onlineboardmeeting.org/main-principles-of-good-corporate-governance/ officer could present to their department. This will help reinforce the new strategies agreed on and ensure that every department is onboard with implementing these goals. In subsequent meetings, review and assess these actions to establish a culture of accountability.